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  1. Customer Quote:  George Fry - Tair
    Customer Quote: George Fry - Tair
    "You are without peer and I will never use anybody else to mix a song of mine ever again."
  2. Customer Quote:  Alex Libby - AltoZenith
    Customer Quote: Alex Libby - AltoZenith
    "Wow, what a mix! You are da MAN!!! I never imagined it would groove that HARD!"
  3. Live Room
    Live Room
    Live Room is 24'X16' with a corner 5'x5' isolation booth with double sliding glass windows.
  4. Customer Quote:  Dave Spencer - Iconic Tonic
    Customer Quote: Dave Spencer - Iconic Tonic
    "God bless you man, the work you have done for us is just stunning!!
  5. Customer Quote:  Keith Godown - Tair
    Customer Quote: Keith Godown - Tair
    "Deron, you did it. Unbelievable. I think we've found our sound. Sounds so damn pro. Thank you so much for all of the extra effort."
  6. Quote:  Chris Bongiovanni - Cold War Relic
    Quote: Chris Bongiovanni - Cold War Relic
    "You did an absolutely fantastic job and everybody I have played the mix for loves it..."
  7. Customer Quote:  Andrew Vroomans
    Customer Quote: Andrew Vroomans
    "I played it in my car, on my iPod, with earbuds, cheap headphones, good headphones, on my studio monitors.. and the mix holds up everywhere!"
  8. Control Room
    Control Room
    SSL AWS Delta, soffit mounted ATC main monitors, surround sound and all the best outboard toys.

World Class Mixing 

No Matter Where You Are Located, we can make you sound your best!

  1. Record on your own
    Record on your own
    Take your time. Get it right.
  2. Send us your Session
    Send us your Session
    Fast. Easy.

MagicMix Studio now affiliated with Robert Lang Studios!

Want the sound of a legendary room for your next production?  Robert Lang Studios has been ​the place to record in Seattle for 40 years, including recordings by Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Macklemore, etc. 

Beginning January 1, 2019, MagicMix Studio is partnering with Robert Lang Studios. Record with us and we'll spend a day at Robert Lang Studios capturing iconic sounds of your drums and basic tracks.   Contact us for more information.

Robert Lang Studios

OUR SERVICES​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Full Service Mixing - $150/song​​

No matter where you are or how complex your session, we can handle it. 

Send us your session files in ProTools, Logic, Cubase, etc. or simply send tracks as .wav or .AIFF files.  Upload your files here:​
Upload Song Files​
Or just send to via DropBox,, or any other file transfer service.


Receive a 20% discount on 6 or more songs (within 1 year),

Stems and alternate versions available by request at $25 each.

We don't just load your song into a template and tweak some settings.  Your mix will be loaded into ProTools Ultimate (HD) and mixed on our SSL with top quality outboard processing.  Our mixing service includes track clean up and editing, pocketing tracks for a tight feel, tuning and mastering.

You will receive your first mix within a few days. Just let us know if you need a rush.  You can request as many revisions as needed (within reason) until you are completely satisfied with your mix.  Pay only when satisfied!

Mixes will be .mp3 with a noise burst every 15 seconds until payment is received. Upon payment you will receive 3 versions: 24-bit unmastered, 16-bit mastered and mastered mp3.

Studio Recording 

Come record with us in our world-class studio near Seattle, Washington!  Bring your instruments or take advantage of our collection of guitars, keyboards, basses, drums and other instruments.  From voiceovers, audio for video, big bands, choir or heavy metal, we've done it all and will get you a professional sounding recording.

Rates are flexible, depending on project and complexity.  Our regular rates are:

    Hourly rate - $40/hr
    Daily rate - $350 up to 10 hours

  Contact Us  for available dates or for more information.

Music Production

If you are looking to take your sound to a new level we want to hear from you.  We produce Indie and Alternative bands and artists who are serious about their music and their career.  ​​​ Contact Us to set up a consultation.

Digital Editing - $20/track

Clean up and pocket tracks to improve performance and impact.  Includes noise removals, tuning and timing adjustments using ProTools with Melodyne, Izotope and more.

We except all major credit cards through PayPal Invoicing.  


​​ Mix Compilation

This is a sample of some of the different music we have produced, mixed or engineered.  It will give you a good idea of the diversity of music and artists we have worked with.


includes artists:  Tair, Cold War Relic, The Monday After, Two-Fifty-One, Red Mellow, Four Whole Weeks, PsyPatrol, Emerald One, Susan Majik and Andrew Vroomans

Mixed 3 LPs for this rockin trio from Florida.


 The Owned

  Always The Same

Four Whole Weeks

Produced, Engineered and Mixed an EP and an LP.



Andrew Vroomans

Mixed 5 songs for this artist with amazing arrangement chops!

Abby Road

I Like Myself Better When

I'm With You

Stephen Wayne

Recorded full length LP and a 5 song "covers" EP for this local talented singer/songwriter.

My Girl (as made famous by Nirvana)


Cold War Relic

Mixed a full length LP for this hard rock band.

Some Kind of Mystery

Pagan Magic

Red Mellow

Mixed 5 songs for this band from Poland.

Wiasne Niebo

Nie ma Cie

Additional Clients

Rock and Alternative

Hip Hop, Pop, EDM

RCK - engineer and mix, full length album

Iconic Tonic - mix, full length album

Dania Einhorn - engineer and mix, two songs

Ulterior Motives - co-produce, engineer, mix, full length lp

Bendt - produce, engineer, mix, full length lp

Bounty Hunters - mix, 5 songs

Roberto Pickling - mix, 3 songs​

Itty Bitty Vision Midgets - produce, engineer, mix, 5 song ep

Pucker Pan - mix, two songs

PsyPatrol - mix, one song

The Monday After - engineer full length album, mix one song

12 Volt Sex - engineer, mix, 5 songs

Majik Alex - engineer, mix, 3 songs

The Cougar Effect - mix, 3 songs

Susan Majek - mix, one song

AltoZenith - mix, 2 songs

Guy Golan - mix, 1 song

Emerald One - mix, one song

Mizz Honey Bucket - produce, engineer, mix - full length lp

Traz Bellodon - mix, two songs

​William Rouached - mix, three songs​

Anna Thompson - engineer, one song

Daniel Parranda - mix, one song

Two-Fifty-One - mix, one song

Classical, Jazz, Other

​​​​​Jane Hexin - engineer, mix, 2 piano pieces

Liberty High School Singers - engineer, mix, 3 concerts

Ribbons & Straw - engineer, mix, full length lp​

Before & After

Compare original mixes with the finished Magic Mix.  See what difference MagicMix Studio could bring to your songs!



Teetering by Tair (Chorus)

"Still Want To Be With You" by Andrew Vroomans Feat. Pauline (Chorus)

"Another Sky" by William Rouached

SSL AWS 900 Delta with Total Recall and full automation.  24 channels with E or G style SSL EQ, two SSL compressor/gates, SSL Master Bus Compressor, 5.1 surround, full daw automation.
Mackie H4824 (surround) with JBL LSR4312SP Sub
KRK Rockit 5 nearfields
Prosonus Eris 8 (live room)
Hear-Tech Personal Mix Station System
Rolls Headphone Amp
Digital Audio Workstation
Apple Mac Pro 6-core, 32gb RAM, 4tb+ storage
ProTools Ultimate
A/D - D/A
Burl Mothership B16 with BAD4 and BDA8
Avid HD I/O 16X16 Analog
Apogee Rosetta 800
Teletronix LA-2A
Empirical Labs Distressor
Daking FET III (Stereo)
Universal Audio 1176LN
Aurora Audio GTQC

API 3124+
Great River ME-1NV
Aurora Audio GTQC
Aphex 107

Bricasti M7
Alesis Midverb 4
BBE Sonic Maximizer 462
Coles 4038 (matched pair), Royer R121, Neumann U87 (vintage)
Shure SM7B, Peluso 22-251, M-Audio Sputnik (2)
Sennheiser K6/ME64 (2), AKG C3000, AKG D112, Audio Technica ATM25, Sennheiser e604 (3), Shure SM57 (4), Shure SM58 (2)
Waves Platinum and many more, All Sound Toys, Steven Slate,
Celemony Melodyne Studio, Antares Autotune, Izotope,
Native Instruments Komplete, IK Multimedia bundle
Instruments & Amps
Yamaha 8' Concert Grand Piano
Korg SV-1 88-key keyboard, Roland XP-50 keyboard workstation, Roland TD3SW V-Drum set, OCDP acoustic set, Gibson Les Paul guitar, Line 6 Variax guitar, Kamoa ukulele, Marshall JCM-900 half-stack, Rickenbacker 4003 bass, Ibanez SR 5-string fretless bass, as well as many additional guitars, basses, and amps

The Studio

The perfect band recording space

With a 24' x 16' x 12' live room and 2 isolation booths with full line-of-sight, MagicMixStudio is the perfect place to record your band.  Every room has personal mix stations to control your headphone mix. 

Every room is isolated with floating floor and double wall construction.  MagicMixStudio was built from the ground up to be a state of the art recording space.

Outside the studio is a full size stage and performance area for video podcasts or small venue performances.  We have air hockey and artist housing for our non-local clients.

The Control Room

The spacious control room is great for recording overdubs.  It features an SSL AWS console, ATC monitors (soffit mounted) and other top of the line equipment like Bricasti M7, Burl Mothership, Teletronix LA-2A and API pre-amps.

​The control room is set up for 5.1 surround and has a nearly perfectly flat frequency response.
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Contact Deron -
Deron is co-owner and specializes in mixing and music production.  Deron is a multi-instrumentalist with 25 years experience in live and studio engineering.
Contact Shana -
Shana is co-owner, studio manager and producer for the studio.  Shana specializes in vocal production, video production and has a degree in television production.


NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS are 10am to 10pm daily.